Jon S - Philadelphia, PA.

William Gennaro, aka “Bill the Piano Tuner”, is extremely knowledgeable about all things related to the piano. He is always punctual and professional, and my piano always sounds great after he tunes it. Bill even goes above and beyond a mere tuning: He cares about his clients and their musical needs. When the piano which moved with me to Philadelphia (a Lester spinet) began deteriorating, Bill diagnosed the problems and gave me an estimate on the needed repairs. Two days later, I received a phone call from Bill in which he told me that he had been in contact with a gentleman who was in search of a new home for his upright studio Baldwin piano. Bill put me in contact with the owner of this substantially better piano without asking for a finder’s fee or any other reimbursement. After viewing and playing the piano, I was convinced! I gave away my Lester and upgraded to a Baldwin. Instead of charging me to repair my old piano as we had originally planned, or try to sell me the Baldwin, Bill selflessly connected me with a better piano, and I’m extremely grateful. I’ll be calling him to tune my piano for years to come. Thank you, Bill!

David Weitz - Jenkintown, PA

To anyone considering having their piano tuned by W. Gennaro Sdao, I am honored to say that he is by far the most reliable and accurate tuner in the entire tri-state region. For the past twenty-five years, Bill has graced my household three times a year without fail. Both my mother and I have been playing piano all our lives professionally and I am happy to say that since my first lesson many years ago our Baldwin has never been out of tune once. My mother has been scheduling with Bill since I have been very young and she still brags to anyone inquiring about having their piano tuned that Bill has never missed an appointment. Now that I am an adult living on my own, Bill still comes out to tune not only my mother’s original Baldwin three time a year, but now has a client to tune since I have purchased my first Yamaha upright. For anyone considering having their piano tuned, I can say with much conviction that Bill is not only the best piano tuner in our area, he is also very friendly, considerate and always on time when any piano in my family is ready for a good tuning.

Robert W. McQuire, MS Teacher of Piano

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Bill Sdao. I have known him for fifteen years. Bill has always displayed a high degree of integrity, knowledge of piano tuning and is truly a technician in every sense of the word. Over the years, he has kept all my pianos in excellent shape including rebuilding a piano that is no longer in production. His attention to detail has kept my pianos in the best possible shape and given the best sound that can be gotten from them. His strengths include reliability and keeping appointments on time. The quality of his work has earned him an excellent reputation among clients, piano teachers and other tuners and agencies. His experience and knowledge of tuning all models of the instrument, both new and old takes an ability and creativity that only comes with vast experience. I highly recommend Mr. Sdao to all my students and to anyone who needs an excellent tuner.

George Layre - Pipersville, Pa

Bill has been providing me with quality tuning and service for over 18 years. His attention to detail is evident in his artful approach to tuning. As a performer and teacher my piano gets a lot of use and Bill has kept it in mint shape over the years he has been servicing it. I recommend Bill to my students and strongly recommend him for his professionalism and quality of service.

Steve Bingham - Philadelphia, Pa

I've relied on Bill Sdao to tune my piano for nearly 30 years. As a professional player, I need to keep my piano properly tuned at all times. Bill's skill, experience and professionalism puts him in a class above other tuners...He is not a 'touch-up tuner.' Many piano tuners come in and make a few adjustments with no regard for the change in pitch of the piano. But Bill always does an impeccable, professional tune up---he fine tunes from the bottom note to the top 88th key with perfection.

Heather Wilson - Collegeville, PA

"I want to thank you for the excellent tuning job you did on my father's Steinway model B grand piano. My family and I are all so happy with the sound and we really appreciate the attention to detail and quality you gave to our piano. Thank you again.